Help with scum landlords

If you are like the many tenants within Ontario, you’ve probably experienced many landlords who are scum landlords. They refuse to fix problems in the apartment or house you are living in or they string you along making you think they will fix the problems, but they never do.

This agency may be able to help you in going after these landlords – Investigation and Enforcement Unit

If you do use the Investigation and Enforcement Unit, please post your experiences here so other tenants can see if calling them actually works. What I find amazing is that all these years I’ve NEVER EVER heard of this agency, yet they say they’ve been around for the last 20+ years.

In my opinion the government doesn’t want us to know about them, because at no time in all my 26 years of renting have I EVER seen this organization. In the past I’ve dealt with the Bi-law department and & they too have NEVER pointed me in this direction.

Even at the landlord & tenant tribunal court houses I was never told about them, nor did I ever see one pamphlet in the office areas.

So here they are…

Outside of the 416 calling area call toll free at 1-888-772-9277.

Hope this helps.

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