Window Coverings

Calling all tenants all over Canada, do you think a house or apartment should already come with window coverings (drapes or blinds), or tenants should be expected to pay big money to purchase them? Please state: if you are renting a house or apartment your point of view how many dwellings you have rented in … Read More »

Help with scum landlords

If you are like the many tenants within Ontario, you’ve probably experienced many landlords who are scum landlords. They refuse to fix problems in the apartment or house you are living in or they string you along making you think they will fix the problems, but they never do. This agency may be able to … Read More »

Landlords who refuse to repair your home

Whether you live in an apartment or house, it’s unfortunately common knowledge that landlords refuse to repair most tenants’ dwellings. We’ve heard story after horrible story not to mention our own experiences. Well now there may be help for tenants within Ontario. Call the Investigation and Enforcement Unit at 416-585-7214. If you live outside the … Read More »

Landlord & Tenant Laws

All statements below are my opinion & what I know to be true within the Toronto area at the time of writing them. Laws may change, so please always check with a government site or official before taking my word for anything. ————————————— So it came to my attention a few years ago that Americans … Read More »