183 Willowbrook Drive, Whitby, Ontario, L1R 2X9

183 Willowbrook Drive, Whitby, Ontario, L1R 2X9

Khaled Sarassra
[email protected]

These people are scammers.

My assistant found them & they told him that the first person to come along who signs the papers & gives us a cheque will get the house.

I once again drove over an hour to see the house, & when I got there, something seemed very fishy to me. My intuition was going off, but I proceeded anyway.

I was getting conflicting stories about the owner of the house.

Why would he want to move out of a perfectly good house. First I was told he’s living with his parents (I had to ask 3 times before getting an answer), then they told my assistant that he’s living with his brother.

Anny is either the brother’s or his friend’s wife. She is Oriental, they are Palestinian.

There were items still in the house, & 2 cars in the driveway.

She claims the house has been vacant for around a year, which makes no sense. Why would someone not rent it out sooner & continue to pay the mortgage out of their own pocket for over a year.

We all got along well, & they said they would give me the house, but they didn’t have a lease (another warning you should look out for, what kind of a real landlord doesn’t have a lease.), so they asked me to draw one up. I agreed to this to move things along.

I forgot that they mentioned paperwork to my assistant.

I asked if the 2 children’s rooms could be painted because there was no way any adult or teenager would want to have the rooms painted like that, & Khaled refused.

I said fine, I will do it at a later date.

I said I’d like the place cleaned up which is the LANDLORD’S responsibility. I noticed the baseboards were filthy. They said they would clean it up for sure, plus there was a hole in one of the bedrooms.

Also the place was freezing which made me suspicious, what if the pipes were frozen?

Something just wasn’t sitting right with me after I left & even the next day.

The next day my assistant tried to call them many times, & got no response from Anny or the owner via the phone or e-mail.

When he let the phone ring 20 times, he finally got Khaled on the phone. He was nicer to my assistant than he had been the day before. Khaled said he had been waiting all day for me to send the lease over, yet he didn’t answer his own phone.

My assistant asked for his address because you HAVE to have the landlord’s address for a lease.

Khaled proceeds to tell him that he doesn’t know the address to his brother’s house.

LOL, okay, how can you not know where you live? Once again, another sign that they are lying & playing games here. An ethical landlord would have no problems giving out their address.

A few hours later, my assistant finally got Anny on the phone. They had wanted her to handle everything, yet Khaled was waiting for the lease, & every time I said something to her, she would ask him, so clearly he was the one making all the final decisions, yet it was back & forth, back & forth. Very unprofessional & disorganized.

My assistant confirmed with her that he sent the lease over, & if there were any problems, to contact him.

He never heard from them the rest of the night, & neither did I.

By the time I was up & around the following day, my assistant told me there was something wrong, that now Khaled is having second thoughts about renting out the house.

I got on the phone & demanded to know what was going on.

Anny tells me 2 things…

  1. That they got a better offer from someone else.I said you can’t do that, we had a verbal agreement, & if you list the house at a certain price, you can’t them start negotiating for another price.
  2. That Khaled didn’t like the fact that I wanted him to clean his house.I knew they weren’t going to do a thing to prepare the house, in fact I was going to suggest we each pitch in for a cleaning lady.

Both of these points were bogus, & I was furious.

They entered into a verbal agreement with me, they made me & my assistant create a lease that was THEIR responsibility to draw up in the first place. I wasted $40 on gas & my time (around 3 hours) driving out there, then they lie to me, & then my assistant.

I am going to be writing to the Minister of Housing to report these people, & I will be finding out my rights as far as suing them.

Scum landlords like this who play games NEED TO BE STOPPED!

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