Negative Houses or Apartments

Help other tenants avoid moving into a negative difficult living situation.

Some people have terrible experiences with where they ended up choosing to rent.

It could be anything from the house you rented becomes toxic & is dangerous to your health, to the apartment building you rent in has no hot water, is so noisy you can’t sleep, or the laundry facilities never work.

Whatever your situation, please include the following in your post:

  1. Name of your location if apartment
  2. Address, city & province of your location
  3. The problem(s) you are experiencing
  4. What you did to try & resolve it with landlord
  5. Is the problem resolved or ongoing
  6. Have you taken this to the landlord & tenant board?

Thank you

Renting in Ontario

1 thought on “Negative Houses or Apartments”

  1. 595 Proudfoot Lane, London, Ontario
    The building is very noisy. Several families here with undisciplined children, running in the halls, loud tvs/steros etc.
    I talked to a manager, Michelle at the office & received no sympathy. I asked to switch apartments to a higher floor & she refused. I have found the staff here with the exception of the receptionist to be miserable especially the super of the building
    It’s an ongoing problem
    No, I am either going to move out at the end of my lease or sublet
    This problem is apparently widespread at apartment/condo buildings owned by Old Oak Properities as I have a cousin next door in a luxury condo & they are having the same problem despite being a luxury unit and they too are moving out. I would not advise renting from Old Oak Properities as they don’t take noise concerns seriously and are miserable to tenants once the lease is signed.

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