Christopher & Emily Fusco from Avenue Realty Inc. Brokerage in Richmond Hill

Christopher & Emily Fusco
Avenue Realty Inc. Brokerage
[email protected]
72 Bolsover

This real estate company wasted a whole week of my time & my assistant’s time.

Everything seemed perfect about the house & I really wanted to see it.

My assistant asked Christopher many questions, including whether the place was available March 1-15, 2008, Christopher told him yes.

I had more questions, so Andy e-mailed them to Christopher. A day or two later Christopher tells Andy he can’t get the answers right away, the woman says she has to talk to her husband, so they can’t get us the answers until Monday.

I wasn’t very happy, since it was now Wedn. when Andy e-mailed them, & I didn’t understand why it would take this long just to answer a few questions.

We waited patiently & finally on Monday I decided to call Christopher myself to tell him I really need the answers now because time is of the essence, since it was only around 10 days until the move-in date. This is when I hear from Christopher that he had no idea that I had to move in so quickly. I said didn’t my assistant tell you? He said, “no.” I found out later on this wasn’t true, & he made me doubt my assistant.

Then another bomb was dropped, the lease wasn’t one year, it was month to month & no, Christopher did NOT tell my assistant that.

Also Christopher had told my assistant that there was less snow up near that small town which is just south of Orillia than over here in West Toronto. I found this very hard to believe, & later on when I asked a woman in Orillia about this she laughed saying the guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. They get even more snow than Barrie.

So at this point my opinion of Christopher was that this guy wasn’t very bright, or he just says what he thinks you want to hear. He seemed nice on the phone, but nice doesn’t cut it when you waste people’s time & you don’t know what you are talking about.

Christopher than tells me that he will get back to us this afternoon with the answers.

The next thing I know, he’s e-mailing my assistant to tell him that the house is now NOT going to be available until April 15, 2008 because the owners are going out of town & need to paint the place.

Now I was REALLY upset.

We had wasted so much time because in addition to everything, my assistant had researched what the area was like as far as stores, utilities, etc., & then I had researched things myself, so in total we spent about 5 -6 hours on this one house.

I called the agency asking who was Christopher’s boss only to find out his mother is, & her name is Emily Fusco.

The receptionist Michelle seemed very bright, & in the end, she seems like she’s the only one who knows what’s going on.

Emily proceeded to e-mail me with a rundown of what happened.

The problem was, she kind of left out an apology on her son’s behalf making it seem like it was the owners who were at fault & I’m sure they were partially responsible, but if the Realtor can’t communicate properly by retaining information asked of him, relay information that is very important like this isn’t a one year lease & they are planning on painting the place which might have given me a heads up the week before that something was amiss, we wouldn’t have been waiting in anticipation.

They also didn’t even have a lease prepared which I found shocking.

After I pointed out to Emily that not once did she take responsiblity for Christophers poor level of service in this area, my assistant noticed in her e-mail that now the move-in date had been moved to May 15, 2008.

These people are NUTS & they wasted our time.

Of course I never heard back from Emily again.

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