Man from Germany lost security deposit

This is a man who came all the way from Germany with his wife, to stay in a cottage in Canada for 2 weeks, & then the landlord (owner) of the cottage refused to refund him his security deposit. The landlord didn’t even tell the man he was going to do this, the man only found out 8 months after the fact when he realized he still hadn’t gotten his deposit back.

Here is the story…

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  1. December 2009, My wife and I decided to spend our Winter vacation in Canada. We did a search through and finally decided on one of the cottages close to Renfrew, listed under
    Although a bit on the expensive side, we thought the comfort might be worth it and went for it. Even when the owner decided to charge us $250 to supply us with one linen only for 2 weeks, we still didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.
    When we arrived, the cottage was in ok standart. It was dusty here and there but full of dead flies all over the floors. It might have been close to 400-500 dead flies lying around everywhere in every room and corner. This seemed a bit strange to us because the cottage was supposed to be cleaned up before we arrived. The infamous $250 linens were wrinkled and full of moth holes.
    We unpacked and decided to jump into the outside jacuzzi to relax a bit. After 10 minuttes in the jacuzzi, I felt something at the bottom of the tub. Carefully I picked it up and to my suprise, it was a very big piece of broken glass. This piece was as big as the palm of my hand and it could have scarred me or my wife in a way that we would have needed stitches. I felt the bottom of the tub a bit more and to my horror, I felt more broken pieces of glass. I called the owner and informed him about this.
    Nevertheless, we didnt let this experience dampen our spirits and the day before we left the cottage, my wife and I spent the whole day cleaning the cottage from top to bottom as if it was our own place.
    We came back to Germany and a month later, I sent an email to the owner requesting my refund. The owner claimed that he had not received the phone bill yet and he would refund my deposit as soon as he receives it. (We had made 4 calls to United States). 2 months later I sent another email. The owner never replied back. Another month passed and I kept sending the owner emails and calling him on the cell phone number he provided. He never replied back. I left numerous comments on his website but none of my posts ever showed. Finally one day the owner replied back, and to my suprise, he was stating that he would not refund my deposit since we left the cottage in a bad condition. I decided to sent an email to the advertising website, asking the website owner to interfere. After numerous emails, the website owner informed me that the owner agreed to refund my money and to let him know in 2 weeks if I didnt receive it. It has been over 9 months now and still to this date, no refunds!

    The following are some of the email correspondances that I had with the owner of the cottage during the past months and I leave it up to the readers of this article to judge the owners personality:

    On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 3:01 PM, Bijen S wrote:

    Hi Denis

    Once again thanks for everything.
    I am writing to you to ask if you have received the phone bill yet, and if all else is O.K, can you refund me the deposit?

    Thank you



    Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 09:50:52 -0500
    Subject: Re: Enquiry about Loon Cove Cottage, Luxury Waterfront Paradise
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]


    We should receive it this week. As soon as I do I will forward the balance of your security deposit to you.

    Denis & Ingrid

    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: RE: Enquiry about Loon Cove Cottage, Luxury Waterfront Paradise
    Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 07:46:24 +0200


    it has been 8 months now since my stay with you. Do you intend to refund my deposit or not?
    Please let me know


    Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2010 10:48:02 -0400
    Subject: Re: My details
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]


    Thank you for reminding me about the phone bill. Please note that as a result of the phone charges incurred and the state in which the cottage was left, we will not be refunding you your security deposit. We will also not be renting to you in the future and I have circulated your name to the Cottage Owners and Renters association.

    Denis Patry


    From: Bijen S
    Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2010 16:54:16 +0200
    To: ;
    Subject: RE: My details


    I have personally vacumed and cleaned that cottage the day before I left. You are only making excuses not refund my deposit.
    I will be complaining to the same associaton regarding broken pieces of glasses that were left at the hut tub that you claimed to have been cleaned and the 100+ flies all over the floor which you claimed to have been cleaned.
    I will be in Canada in September and rest assure that I will be visiting you then.


    Subject: Re: My details
    To: [email protected]
    From: [email protected]
    Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2010 15:00:34 +0000


    Please note that as per the rental contract you signed for the cottage rental we have the right to keep the security deposit if the place is not left in an acceptable condition.

    I have forwarded your email to the local authorities whom are friends of mine. Should you show up on our property you will be charged with trespassing.

    The broken glass in the hot tub was an unfortunate incident and as a result I hired a new maintenance person. In cottage country, flies are a normal part of everyday life.

    Please ensure you do not access our property or we will call the police.

    Denis Patry
    [email protected]

    And here is what the advertising website owner wrote to me after his involvement:


    From: [email protected]
    Subject: Re:
    Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2010 11:39:07 -0400
    To: [email protected]

    Greetings Bijan,

    I just heard back from the owner and this is what he states:

    In order to expedite this matter I will send him a money order today in the amount of $200, but that is it. Given his threats he should consider himself lucky that I am offering him anything at all.

    He will also required to stop posting. Damaging reviews on all the websites.

    So let’s leave it at that. If you do not receive this in the next 2 weeks please let me know.


    Zac Gribble

    September 2010, no refunds or further correspondance from the website owner or the cottage owner despite my numerous further emails.
    Michelle ( took the time to ask the the owner of the website about an update from the cottage owner but Zac replied back, stating that he thought the matter was already resolved. (I had sent him 2 further emails to inform him that I never received my deposit but he never replied back. My assumption is he is being paid pretty good to advertise for the lloncove cottage owner: Mr Denis Patry)

  2. Hi

    I received the following reply from [email protected]

    Hi Bijen,

    Sorry to hear about the issue you have experienced with that cottage and it’s owner. I’ve noticed your review left on the listing, however on our site the reviews section is optional and the owned can turn it off. The punishment he gets for that is a lower position in search results comparing to other listings. We’ll be watching that listing out and if it gets more complains as yours we’ll not renew it for another term.
    Hoping that helps,
    Best regards, Yuriy Setko
    Rent Cottage Canada

    So if there is anyone out there with a complaint about looncove cottage owner Denis Patry (, please contact the site owner at [email protected] or myself at [email protected]

  3. It is quite unfortunate how this saga has unfolded. We have been renting our Cottage for over 4 years and have nothing but rave reviews and our track record of repeat renters is a testament to that. I can provide the names of 100 people who have rented with us who provided glowing reviewsand stated it was the best place they have ever stayed.

    We have washed our hands of this whole affair and we will no longer get into a war of words with this renter. Suffice it to say that the numerous threatening emails we have received are more than evidence enough about this renters attitude and overall demeanor. Anyone reading this post please take into account that there are always two sides to every story. This experience has certainly taught us to be even more vigilent in our screening process.

    Denis Patry
    Looncove Cottage

  4. Denis;
    I am suprised that you dont reply to any of my emails or phone calls but when I send you a public link which includes your emails, you are very quick to provide a general BS that still advertises for yourself with no conclusions that reflects the actual outstanding problem.

    Any reader of this article can conclude:

    -if it is so easy to leave a ‘glowing’ review or reply regarding your track record, why cant I leave my testimony under any of your listings or under guest book at your webpage? Why have you disabled this option?

    -You may have washed your had about this affair but you still havent refunded my deposit (despite your email that stated you will be)which actually shows your attitude

    – All of the above emails are ‘your actual’ correspondences. People can actually see what is what. Dont hide behind the lines of ‘two side to every story’ and try to come out as the innocent landlord.Yo have NOTHING to defend yourself regarding witholding my deposit.

    – To me, its not a matter of 250 Dollars anymore. I spend much more than that on daily basis. To me, It is a matter of people like you trying to get away with whats not fair. Rest assure that I will continue this to the end until I get my deposit back and warn all the site owner which advertise for you

  5. Not surprising that you have omitted the threstening emails you have sent me? The people who read these posts are quite able to read between the lines.

    Fo your information, my cottage is fully booked for next year and we already have bookings for 2012. Our track record speaks for itself and will take a lot more than your postings and your bad mouthing of our cottage to affect our rentals.

    I should inform you that your name and email address have been forwarded to the authorities. If you do indeed show up on our property as you have threatened, you will be dealt with accordingly.

  6. …and you are still trying to advertise for yourself instead of addressing any of the issues that I pointed out

    Incidentaly, I have looked at your website for the availability of your cottage and you are only booked for 7 weeks next year and nothing for 2012: Maybe you should read on the definition of fully booked:))


    Please note the following updates:

    I have appointed a lawyer in Pembroke area to deal with this scamming landlord. According to a reply letter from Denis Patry, he would refund my deposit IF I delete/discontinue to post my reviews at various websites, including this website.

    I have also filed a complain with Renfrew OPP and it seems that the ‘authorities’ that he keeps referring to knew nothing until my call.

    I have advised the better bussiness buro of Ottawa about him and they will also investigate him.

  7. We have a beautiful cottage on Lake Constant, inherited from my Mother- and Father-in-law. It is a paradise for us.

    Mr Patry is well known in the neighbourhood. Everything that you report is entirely consistent with what I have heard from others.

    I would never have any dealings with him (though I cannot avoid “dealing” with his loud boat and his loud family).

    I’m sorry you had this bad experience. I will ensure that our many friends on the lake are aware of this sad affair.

  8. My family and I have rented Looncove Cottage every summer for the past three summers. My sister has also rented the cottage on one occasion in the winter, and she has a group of lasy friends who rent it every spring and fall for a weekend.
    We have nothing but positive things to say about each and every one of our experiences. Mr Patry has been very helpful and the cottage has always been pristine as well as the property itself.
    We have already booked our return to Looncove cottage for the summer of 2011 and our family is very much looking forward to it. My experience was and continues to be a very positive one and I can only caution that there are two sides to every story.

  9. I have found Mr and Mrs Patry on the facebook and have shared this link with them and their friends list. So, there might be some’unsolicited’ positive reviews coming this way soon :))
    Also, I dont think it may be hard effort to get a different allias each time you want to write a review here 😉
    Sean I agree with you totaly on one thing: two side to every story. My story is up there along with all the emails that this scammer has sent me and as you can see, not even once Patry has written about his reasoning behind witholding my deposit after agreeing to pay for it first. Common sense please…
    Mr Patry has not replied back to my lawyers final offer yet. Seems like the court case is upcoming.
    Also, some website advertisers have agreed to remove his advert from their websites

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