Beware of houses with no pictures

So it seems I’m not the only one who has problems with landlords playing games with their houses.

I just traveled to Ridgeway, Ontario (an almost 2 hour drive) to see a house that looked great in the pictures.

The owner said the house had recently been renovated, BUT when I got there, the best part of the entire house was the front porch.

The floors in the house were TERRIBLE. The kitchen looked like it was from the 80’s even though they claimed it was renovated 5 years ago, there were cracks in the walls upstairs & while the one bathroom had a nice tub, the shower stall was tiny, & the place was very very dirty.

I was shocked, & very disappointed wasting an entire day & a tank full of gas.

I wondered when I originally saw the pictures why there wasn’t any snow on the ground, & now I know.

Those pictures were taken at some point, but I doubt it was recently.

So, if the landlord isn’t willing to take pictures of EVERY room in the house, or the season doesn’t match the season we are in, I’d become very very suspicious.

If they already have a camera & are already taking pictures, why is it such a big deal for them to take pictures of every single room in the house, & why are some of the pictures not showing the entire room. Some of the pictures only show a certain angle.

I don’t expect landlords to be photographers, but common on guys, you are selling a product, so show the house as it really is, & if you refuse to take pictures, potential tenants should be very suspicious as to why you won’t take them.

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