Do you have problems while trying to find a place to live?

If yes, we want to hear about it.

List any of the following problems you have, but keep them seperate, so if you have a problem with 3 potential landlords, post them all separately.

Please list their full name (if you have it), their e-mail address, & their phone number or the location of the dwelling.

If you had problems with a Realtor, the same rules apply, list the name of their real estate company, their e-mail address & phone number.

If a landlord hires a Realtor to represent their house, they are responsible for any misleadings or Realtors who act in any way below.

Here are some potential problems you may encounter:

  1. Landlord never returns your calls even after you have left 1 or more messages.This is disrespectful, & no different than if you were to call any other company & request a phone call back.

    If the place is already rented, the landlord should either tell you, or have it stated on his/her voicemail.

    Remember, you are the potential client, & excellent customer service should be a given.

  2. The landlord discriminates against you either because of your race, gender, sexual orientation, or because you are a single mother.Please be specific as possible when making these claims. If you have anything in writing or any recorded audio, please keep it aside for evidence.
  3. The landlord strings you along leading you to believe the dwelling is available, & then a week or more later, poof, it is gone, & you have just wasted who knows how much time not to mention having hope that you had a place to live.
  4. The landlord was downright rude, & when you asked reasonable questions any potential tenant should ask, he/she gave you attitude, or you felt they were no longer interested because they prefer a tenant who won’t ask questions & has knowledge of their rights.This can even be questions about whether they will fix problems in the house.
  5. The pictures they sent you of of the dwelling didn’t look anything like what you saw in person.
  6. They misrepresented the dwelling in their ad or on the phone or in e-mail, & then you wasted time going over there only to find out it was a lie.
  7. You arranged with the landlord (this has to be an actual arrangement, not just you popping over with no notice) to view the dwelling & after wasting gas & your time, you get there & you are told it is gone.

If you have any other issues you encountered, please e-mail us directly so we can add in more issues on this page. We will then let you know when you can copy & paste your experience.

Thank you

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