Landlords don’t give out their address to tenants

This seems to be a growing trend that landlords are hiding from tenants by not giving them their mailing address so the tenants can’t take them to court for repairs not done.

Since the laws in Ontario & maybe all of Canada are mainly to protect the landlord, not the tenant, nothing is being done about this.

In the US, all landlords have to be licensed before they can rent dwellings to tenants. Here in Ontario (maybe all of Canada), landlords can rip tenants off all of the time, & 90% of the time they get away with it.

If you have had a landlord avoid giving you their mailing address, please pots their name here so other tenants can be forewarned.

Thank you

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  1. I was told by the LTB (And Regional/Subsidized Housing authorities):
    This is perfectly fine as long as they have someone to represent them (eg. Property Manager, Superintenant)

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